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SAFE first opened to the public on 21st October 2022 at Somerset House, London. The exhibition, conceived, designed and curated by Superflux, brought together ten newly commissioned speculative works by Superflux and collaborators.

An immersive exhibition of collaborative ambition in the face of uncertainty, the works in SAFE draw upon ten global research and large-scale infrastructure projects funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Now in its tenth year, Lloyd’s Register Foundation has long supported pioneering research that engineers safer worlds.

Traversing the real and imagined, these ten works – spanning sculpture, video, installation and photography – foreground the positive tangible opportunities granted by such research initiatives, and simultaneously extend the reach of their potential. Can technologies and infrastructures, systems and temperaments shape a world absent of needless grief and suffering? This is the social, technological and ecological commitment that safer futures must enfold and uphold.

Anab Jain and Jon Ardern
Artistic Directors, Superflux